The Fen Sessions

The Fen Sessions was an experiment in music creation and audience engagement over a weekend in Febuary 2019.

On Friday Febuary the 15th four musicians gathered in a renovated cottage in Gosberton, Linconshire. The aim of the project was to create, promote and release an album over a weekend. Each track had a two hour window and was to be released on the hour every two hours on the Saturday and Sunday. The songs were made available to download

via bandcamp and the entire album was

available for 15 hours until it was removed 

from the site at 9am on Monday the 18th

of Febuary.


What follows is documentation of the 

process, song by song analysis and images

taken from The Fen Sessions. 

Saturday 16th Feburary / 8am - 10pm

After a fairly early night spent watching Top of The Pops 2 and discovering a horrible David Bowie song from a soundtrack, accompanied by a glass of red wine, to wind down from the five hour drive, we awoke around 7:30am and Faye treated us all to a hearty, mostly meat based, breakfast.

We started the process bang on at 8am and were keen to get moving as we had no idea how this whole concept would work.

What seemed like the easiest thing to do for track one was to build around Jon on the electric drum kit and Phil putting down some midi keys. It was a pretty straight forward process, and Jon also had some invlovement in the keyboard parts. 

When it came to the lyrics, I had put together streams of stories to go to and work into lyrics for tracks. There wasn't much time left to figure out any melodies so a spoken word delivery, which came the safety format that I would revisit throughout the process, was used.

I called the Samaritans. They didn't answer. I called Childline, Esther Ranson, She didn't answer, but someone else did, and I made up a story about a fake sibling who had gone missing from our home. I created a history about his problems. How he hated me, how he bunked Geography. Smoked cigarrets behind the bikesheds. Hung out with the dealers and the other druggies. Got a girl pregnant, and then he dumped her, and now he's missing, and I'm worried, and I haven't seen him, and that person who wasn't Esther Ranson. That person listened, listend with Sympathy, and was concered for him and for me, and then I hung up.

Track 1 Lyrics

Track 1

Faye was assigned to come up with the art for each song. This first picture, which became the album cover, was taken in the greenhouse of the house opposite the cottage we were recording in. We didn't get permisson.

We completed track one, uploaded it to bandcamp, announced it via our social media, and waited and hoped that people were going to download the song or engage in social media activity. The track went live at exactly 10am to plan, and then we soon realised that there was no time to reflect, or congratulate ourselves as we had to do this again, four more times that day.